No Need for Rabbit’s Feet

Do I want trout? Catfish? Maybe some walleye ...

While on my run along the river this morning, I found myself accompanied by one of Decorah’s famous bald eagles.  The eagle stayed fairly close for almost a quarter of a mile, swooping down on the river to hunt for fish, before finally landing on the rocky shore and letting me get on with the rest of my workout.

When I got home and told Steph about it, I said that it was an omen – either I’d have a great day or I’d go bald.

Since then …

  • Training went spectacularly well.
  • A major technical thorn in my side was removed at work.
  • I received unexpected time to write this evening.
  • My issue of Locus magazine arrived.
  • Went out to dinner at Rubaiyat where one of the chefs brought us two free plates of their new, first night, phenomenaly delicious lamb chops made from lambs raised by my father-in-law.
  • I did not go bald.

Don’t know about you, but you can keep the lucky rabbit’s foot.

Mr. Fish says, "Look, if you're not using that rabbit's foot, could I have it?"
* Pictures from Raptor Resource Project