Capping Off Summer


Courtesy Jessica Babcock, SSE

Yes, President Obama visited Decorah on Monday and the town was all aflutter.  Actually, it was pretty cool.  I’ve been around for two Presidential Candidate visits (Obama in ’08, Kerry in ’04) but never a sitting President.  Steph and I weren’t able to get tickets to see him speak, but we did get to see him pass through town waving to everyone.  Very impressive and I’m glad to have seen him, even if it was only a glimpse.

As for the end of summer …

Starting, well, a couple of days ago, the easy part of Summer is officially over for me and my crew at the college.  The sports teams are pouring back onto campus and the faculty are finding their way back into their offices, both of which result in a much higher work load than we’ve had the past two months.

On top of that, this is the week I have to knock out all the material for our training week (held next week).  Why not do it sooner?  It’s not possible.  Summer for most educational IT departments is when the big projects are done.  Until many of those are in place, we just don’t know how to train our people.  So it’s a mad rush to get things done and it adds a lot of stress to an already stressful time of year.

Aside from work, there’s finishing the novel, book reviews, gardening, and a whole host of other things.  So the next few weeks will be a nice test of my sanity.

But hey … I’d say a Presidential visit is a nice way to cap off the summer.

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