One Way To Run 20 Miles

This is where I spent my Saturday morning.

A creation so vile and evil ...

We had some pretty ugly weather up here today – rain, wind, and temps in the low 40s.  Saturday is usually my long run day and rather than subject my support crew (aka, Steph on a bike) to that miserable experience, I opted to run indoors.

On a treadmill.

For 20 miles.

I now have an overwhelming urge to destroy all treadmills.*

On the bright side, this is where I spent my Saturday afternoon.

Zzzzz ...

* All things considered, it was a good run.  I had Netflix playing on the iPad hooked up to the stereo and Steph made sure I had plenty of fluids and GU.  Strangely, I finished in 2:38:34 which is exactly one hour short of my personal best in a marathon.  If I kept up that pace, I’d have to cover just 6.2 miles in less than an hour to get a new record.  Good sign.

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