Sand in My Shoes

Back home from California and into the sweltering heat of Iowa.

The wedding went off without a hitch and Steph’s cousin (Andy) is marrying into quite a unique family.  To give you a sense – Michelle’s (the bride) mother is Mexican, born in LA and her father is Indian born in Goa, India which is the Portuguese part of the country. I half expected them to break out into a rousing rendition of Jai Ho (and judging by the reception, I wasn’t too far off the mark).  The day after, we went to the bride’s house for a delicious brunch which included Orange Juice squeezed from oranges picked that morning off their own orange tree.

Yes, this is a big deal for us Iowans.

And, as an added bonus to my dear readers, proof that it is possible for me to get dressed up:


Sunday was also a chance to hang out with VP bud Chia, her husband Dan, and their friend Thessaly (quite a character).  They took us out to a great lunch and then back to their place for Much Ado About Margaritas.  Folks from VP will know what that’s all about.   Steph also got a chance to ransack Chia’s lemon and orange trees.  All in all – a great way to spend an afternoon.

So in parting, I leave you with pictures of California.

Manhattan Beach Pier
Manhattan Beach: Birthplace of Beach Volleyball (this place is packed on weekends)
Sadly, this was not me.
Steph and I in slightly more natural dress

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