Revision: Words vs Scenes

While across the pond, I purposely did not do any writing.  Why?  Well, it was vacation and writing is work.  Sheesh.  Beside that, I needed to reflect on some ideas I had and all the stuff I learned at the Maass workshop.  I jotted down some stuff but mostly I let it percolate in my brain.  I think all writers will agree that sometimes being away from your writing is about the best thing for it.

Now that we’re back and on Central Standard Time again, it’s time to start working so I’ve started on the 5th draft of Genie Memories (hereafter referred to as GM).

At this point in the revision process, I’m discovering that counting words written is not an accurate measure of how much progress I’ve been making.  It’s also extremely hard to keep track of.  I’m cutting, shifting, adding, and manipulating the story in so many ways that it’s practically impossible to quantify just how I’ve spent those two hours in my office.

So I made the decision that I am not going to bother with word count and instead keep track fo Scenes.  Some of these will be short, some will be long.  The important thing is that it is a complete scene and I get it revised/written.   My goal right now is 2 per day and I’ve been doing pretty good at that.  On Saturday I completed four, Sunday three, and yesterday I managed to grind out two (work did get in the way).

And speaking of counting words, SWFA has an article called What Is A Word?  It’s short article about how what our word processor claims as word count differs from that of the world of publishing.  Anexample:

"I'm pregnant," he said.

Microsoft Word claims that as 5 words.  An editor would see that as 25 since it takes up two full lines of text.  The aforementioned article gives an alternative means of counting words so I ran it against GM.  It told me GM was 74,000 words vs Word’s count of 64,000.

Big difference.  Not sure what to make of that but I’ll have to dig into it further when it comes time to start submitting to agents and publishers.

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