Posting with Guusto!

Apologies for lack of updates but there simply hasn’t been much to write about as of late.   April is that time of year where work is busy, the writing is progressing along, and the weather is not quite perfect but showing glimmers of promise.

But that all changes today.  Today, I post with Guusto!

And here it is …

What? Really?

Okay, … I’ve just been informed this is not Guusto.  This is in fact Juusto.  There’s a subtle, but very important difference here.  Guusto is made with Goat’s milk (hence the G).  Juusto is made with Cow’s milk (hence the … J, I guess).  In either case, it’s considered a bread cheese and baked in the oven.

And more important, it’s freakin’ delicious when lightly pan fried.