The Editing Begins

Seven days off and it’s back to writing.


On the left is the completed draft of Genie Memories, double-spaced and Courier font-size 12.  334 pages.  Perfect for making notes.  On the right, the single spaced draft I used while actually writing the story.  Scattered throughout its pages are notes I made but didn’t want to go back and make the changes at the time.  Eventually I’ll consolidate it down to just one stack of papers.

I confess to being a bit surprised the completed draft comes to just 63,463 words.  I was shooting for around 90,000 and I still think the final product will end up near that number.  Extra scenes have to be added, characters fleshed out, a plot line here and there tweaked.  Plus there is the abandoned scenes folder which contains 19,400 words.  So in theory, I did write over 82,000 words.

The goal right now is to get this done by mid-December.  If it takes longer than that to get it right, then it’ll take longer but that’s what I’m thinking right now.

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