Catching Up on the Week

It’s been a busy week up here in Decorah, Iowa (read that in Garrison Keller’s voice and I swear, you’ll hear the rest of this entry like that too).

Let’s start at the beginning …

Coming Home

Steph came home on Monday.  She flew from Copenhagen to New York to Minneapolis and finally Rochester at 10pm.  The plan was that I’d meet her in Rochester, we’d spend the night there, and then drive home the next day.

Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy and in this case, that was Delta Airlines (with JFK Airport playing the weasel of a sidekick).  Long story short – Delta delayed her arrival into JFK and delayed her departure from JFK by over an hour, completely eating into her layover time in Minneapolis.  I ended up driving to Rochester, finding this out, then driving to Minneapolis, back to Rochester, and then home the next day.

(As it turned out, she did technically arrive in Minneapolis before her connecting flight left.  By four minutes.  Then they took another 30 minutes to find her gate checked luggage (they had to go back and looked in the cargo hold twice), by which time her connecting flight was up and just about to land in Rochester without her on it.)

The End of the Novel

I polished off Chapters 30 and 31 in the past couple of days.  According to my rough outline, Chapter 34 is the end.  No more after that.  At least for the first draft, then it’s on to editing time where I already know I’m cutting three or four chapters and adding in probably six or seven more.  Ah, the glamour of the writing life, will it never cease?

A Book Review

I almost forgot to mention – my review of Matthew Hughes (no relation) book, Template went up on Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing.  I like Hughes.  He’s got a great name and he’s a fantastic author.  I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the book and plowed through it in about a weekend.

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