Progress in a Backwards Sense

Productivity – I be thy name.

Articles, a book review, and most importantly – Chapters 26, 27, and 28 of Genie Memories.  Chapter 29 is started and I should have it finished Thursday or Friday night.  After that, there are only two, maybe three more chapters until the entire book is finished.

Once that’s done, it’s a week off before I start digging into revisions.  I’ll try to get that done in a month, two at most.  Need to keep it tight.  That doesn’t mean I’m not doing revisions now.  I had an idea earlier today for changes to Chapter 1.  Given the importance of starting any book, I’m sure it’ll change ten more times but I liked the idea and had to put it into writing.

Lacking anything else blog worthy, I thought some of you might enjoy it as well.  Comments and what not are more than welcome.

Genie Memories

Chapter One

Killing Barry was not going to be easy.  He was a Genie, after all.

Set aside the genetic mutations that gave him inhuman strength and a nigh indestructible body.  Forget years of crime and before that, crime fighting.  Barry  was a Genie.  Whatever Nature or Man had granted him, he had gifts that I could only dream of.

The blip replays were fond of the target range footage.  Barry, standing in the center of a gleaming halo, laughing off all but the most powerful rifle round.

I reached down and pulled the spark plug on the generator.  The old diesel sputtered and shook, rattling the patio as it died.  The web of full spectrum lights draped over the hunting lodge flickered a few times before going out, the bayou swallowed in darkness.  A pale sliver of moon, hidden behind clouds, was all that remained.

“God damnit.  Piece of discounted garbage.”

Barry’s voice carried from inside the lodge.  I couldn’t see anything but I could hear movement.  He tripped over something and thudded to the ground, letting out a string of curses.

I stepped back and flexed my hand around the grip of my Morgan-Colt 10mm, raised the pistol to point at the door.  I tried to image the cold sweat beading down my back came from the mist left behind by the late November rain.  I wasn’t fooling anyone, least of all myself.

The other Genies hadn’t made this any easier.

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