Looking East

On this day about a year ago, I was getting ready to head to Martha’s Vineyard and Viable Paradise.  This mostly consisted of taking care of last minute details and kicking the cat out of my already packed bags (repeatedly).  Since VP starts on Sunday, the memories have been quite strong the past few days and I’m really missing it and jealous of those who are going this year.

For those about to make the journey, there isn’t much I can say.  Go back and check my old blog entries.  Read up on the Viable Paradise Index – it’s got a lot of good stuff.  Fellow VP XIII’ers, Cath and Lisa Morton wrote up some good essays lately so check those out as well.  Most importantly – Have fun.  Learn.   It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so go after everything you want and make a lot of friends.

And while others are preparing to head a little east of us, here at the Hughes household, we’re looking a bit farther than that.

Sweden, to be specific.

Steph leaves on Saturday for her business trip which will take her from Rochester to Copenhagen and finally to Sweden.  She’ll be there for a week before she comes back (including a passage through JFK *shiver*).  Right now she’s going through exactly what I went through a year ago.  Packing, worrying about last minute details, and kicking the cat out of her bags.  She’s a little stressed and nervous.

Not that I blame her.  Heck, I’m stressing out a little bit myself.  I keep asking myself :

Is Steph going to be safe?

Is she going to make all of her flights and get through Customs on time?

Will her luggage make it?

Is the International Power Adapter I got her the right one?

Am I going to forget something while she’s gone?

Can I go a full week without shaving?

Can I survive a full week on chocolate chip cookies and, if not, what the hell am I going to eat?

Will I remember Steph’s return flight?  (I’d better add that to the Google Calendar right now).

Will the Cat and I bond like we did when Steph was in Australia or will he simply murder me and replace me with a heat lamp?

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