Weekly Recap

Yet another busy week up here within sight of the Middle of Nowhere.  That’s to be expected.  Around here, summer is an incredibly busy time.  It’s the time where we knock out all of our major projects for work and outside of work, we spend a lot of time at the garden.

On Monday, my father-in-law had heart surgery for a prolapsed mitral valve.  It was repaired by robotic surgery, which is cool and really minimizes the recovery time . Everything went well and he should be home by the time this entry is posted.

At the same time, the concrete for our new driveway was finished.  We should be able to park a car on it today and fill in the gaping holes with soil tomorrow (I hope).

On Tuesday, did yard work and did some partial filling of the holes left behind by the work done on the driveway.  In retrospect, this was an incredibly stupid thing to do as I lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 pounds due to sweating.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – a whole lot of progress on stuff at work.  Pretty impressive considering all of my co-workers are gone leaving me about the only person here.  On the home front, I got a ton of writing done on Chapter 22 which I think is coming along just fine.

Speaking of writing – I’m going to toot my own horn.  My VP-buddy and fellow writer Cath posted a blog entry about what you can learn from your fellow writing peeps and she used my story, Genie Memories, as an example.  So head on over there and check it out.  And I do promise to write up an entry sometime soon on how I write action sequences, specifically fight scenes because a lot of people do find those hard to write.  I’m lucky in that regards.

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