Mr. Consistency

Up here in Decorah, it’s Nordic Fest weekend and it’s been a beautiful weekend.

Nordic Fest 2010
Nordic Fest 2010

No, really.  Honest.  Hey, I’m being serious here!

Yes, I know if you looked at past years, you wouldn’t believe it but for once in its 40+ years, Nordic Fest fell on a weekend that wasn’t sweltering hot and humid.  Sure, it did rain on Friday night (a butt load, ask the people down south who are evacuating the floods) but otherwise the weekend turned out pretty good.

As is our tradition, Steph and I ran the Elveløpet road race.  Steph did the 15k this year, finishing in a 1:26:12.  Considering how muddy hard the course was and how muddy the trails, I’d say that’s a pretty respectable time.

I, on the other hand, am recovering from a knee injury and ran the 5k.   When I looked at the results, I noticed it looked really familiar.  Take a look at the past three years :

2010 : 21:45,  24th overall, 3rd age group

2009 : 21:14, 24th overall, 3rd age group

2008 : 20:32, 23rd overall, 4th age group

Wow.  Do I know how to pace myself or what?  Shame I’m going to break that trend when I run the 15k next year.

One thought on “Mr. Consistency

  1. It was great to see you and Steph again this weekend. You’re both good company.

    And yes, I am looking forward to tearing into Genie Memories at my earliest convenience. You are bumping Dan Simmons, so…



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