Whoops, I’m Here!


I meant to post when I got back and just plum forgot.  Well, let’s blame it on jet lag, shall we?

Getting back to Iowa wasn’t all that much different than leaving it.  I encountered a rare beast – a flight that departs early.  Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem.  In my case, I discovered the change when I got off the previous flight and ended up having to sprint from one side of SeaTac Airport to the other in less than ten minutes to catch my flight.  Luckily, my luggage managed to make the trip as well.

ResNet overall was fun and I learned a lot.  If you’re super interested, you can read my trip report on the LIS blog.  I managed to win a hefty Amazon gift card from one of the vendors and have spent some time filling up a wish list with oodles of long wanted books.  Suggestions are appreciated.  🙂

All said, it feels good to be home.  The Writing Moose hit me up and  I was able to write just under a thousand words tonight and wrap up a short chapter.  I also managed to land a new writing gig.  More details on that come late-July, early August so stay tuned.

Kayaking in Chuckanut Bay
Kayaking in Chuckanut Bay

More photos here, courtesy of Scott Stamm

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