Saturday Morning Race Recap

This morning, the Hughes family turned out in force to take part in the Jim Boughton Memorial/Grey Ribbon Crusade 5K Road Race.

I already blogged about my Coach, who was fighting brain cancer.  We had all hoped that Coach would have been able to be at the race but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  He lost his battle in early May and thus the race became a Memorial to him.

Shiny Hardware
Shiny Hardware for 3rd Place

The event was awesome.    I can’t give enough kudos to the volunteers that came out to help.  Even more impressive was that the entire event was handled by a student at Senior (a Junior) and most of the volunteers were High School students or their parents.   It was better organized than some of the ‘pro’ races I’ve been to.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 700+ runners and walkers came out and Alumni turn out was great.  I got to see a lot of friends whom I hadn’t seen in many years, so that alone was worth the price of signing up.

I ran a respectable race, coming home in 20:42 and taking 3rd in my age group, 41st overall.   Greg was a few minutes behind (23:12 ?) and  Jon paced Steph, helping her get a 5K Personal Best of 24:49.  Jon’s wife, Sarah, finished just a bit behind them.  Being the first Hughes boy across the line, I say the following with utmost humility :

“Eat my dust, bros.”*

Ahem, where were we?

Oh, yeah. While the race was great, it was also a lot of fun to be able to run with my brothers.  None of us could recall the last time that happened.  Greg is four years older than Jon and I, meaning we never got a chance to compete head-to-head in High School or College.  So aside from a few races in the late 80s, early 90s, today was the first time in almost 20 years all three Hughes boys were on the same course together.  It was an awful lot of fun to pound the pavement with my brothers.

(L to R) Me, Steph, Sarah, Jon, & Greg.  And no, we didn't plan to get our numbers like that.
(L to R) Me, Steph, Sarah, Jon, & Greg. And no, we didn't plan to get our numbers like that.

*Did you really think I’d get away without a bit of trash talking, did you?

2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Race Recap

  1. Hey know, I give you one race every 35 years just to keep your head in the game. See you at age 70, you clydesdale……


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