Hay Ewe

Spent the day learning how to make hay for the sheep out at the farm.

It was a rather interesting event.  For starters, my father-in-law assures me that this is a task best done with it’s around 90 degrees and humid enough to swim.  I’m not sure about that but hey, he’s the farmer so who am I to disagree?

I got to drive a tractor to rake the hay.  After that, we had to bale.   ‘The baler is  pulled behind a much larger tractor which also pulls a trailer.  My job was to ride on the baler, watch as the hay bales got shot through the air into the trailer, and clear up any jams.  In the process, I learned exactly how a baler works and how to take one apart and put it back together again.  That last part came courtesy of losing no less than three bolts, a belt, and a bearing.

I also learned that after a day spent making hay, the wife makes you ride in the backseat of the car (and only because it’s against the law to force me to ride on the roof).

Next up?  Learning how to nail a spittoon from 10 paces.