Hobbies Old, Hobbies New

Back when I was a kid, I learned to juggle from a cousin’s then boyfriend.  Then, I have running which continues to this day and probably until they have to chain me down in a hospice bed or something.  Writing, of course.

As I got older, I picked up a few new hobbies.  The foremost of these is Martial Arts.  Started it for self-defense, then found out I wasn’t too bad at it and had a lot of fun doing it.  As the skills progressed, so did the challenges, culminating in full-contact sparring.   The whole while, I keep telling myself  “I wish I’d picked this up when I was younger!”

And if I had, I probably would have learned that, A – you don’t block a round house kick with the side of your hand, and B – don’t let someone fold your palm until it touches your wrist while grappling.

I am currently nursing a Lateral Adductor Contusion (or Abduction Contusion, basically the nerves and muscles are shot), Bone Bruising, and a probable hairline fracture in my right hand.  It feels about as good as it sounds.

Ah, well.  You’re never too old to learn.  🙂

Thankfully, I can still type and with Steph off to a cheese workshop this weekend, I foresee a lot of writing getting done.

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