This Week…

The holiday slow down has begun and not much is happening around here.  Only two things noteworthy:

One – A major project of mine this past year has been a renovation of our spaces here in the Library at work.  That all went well.  Yesterday, my co-workers and I sat down to discuss the project and what we thought needed attention, adjustment, etc.  It came down to this – “We need a sign over here.”  “Can we get a cordless phone?”  “A power strip under this counter would be nice.”

As I was going over the stuff to make sure I got everything, one of the people said “Man, this is all just nit-picky stuff”.  I replied with “If we’re nit-picking, that means we’ve done things right.”  We’re not moving entire desks or putting up walls.  No, we’re focusing on the little details.  That’s good.  It means everything else is working.

That fills me with no end of glee.

Two – I’ve been in a bit of a writing rut.  This happens on occasion and I’m not surprised given the time of year.  It gets busy at work, busy at home.  When I get home at night, sometimes the last thing I want to do is write. In short, the Writing Moose has drunk a little too much eggnog.

The writing I’ve been doing hasn’t been much fun, either.  It’s all been revisions and I went over the past nine chapters to get it done. For minor things, I’d let it slide but these were major revisions.  They had impacts on characters and plot lines.  I knew that would bug me until I got them done so I sat down and did it.

I sat down last night and decided I’d tried to throw out a few plot structures following the lines of Three Act and Five Act plays.  That’s helped a bit.  Re-listening to pod casts from Viable Paradise has helped as well.  I’ve got tomorrow off of work and I hope I can sit down in the morning (which is turning out to be one of my best writing times) and crank out a new chapter before the weekend is over.

That is if I can sober up the Moose.

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