Channeling Tim Taylor

Grunt Grunt.

Today, Steph surprised me with an early birthday present – a Makita 18V Cordless Drill. Woohoo!  Yeah, so I enjoyed it 🙂  I’ve needed a drill for quite a while and kept saying “I should buy a nice one” every time I got a few extra bucks.  The last few drills I’ve owned have been cheap, 12 volts that lasted about as long as it took to charge the battery.  I just ended up borrowing my father-in-law’s whenever I needed one.  With all the house improvements we’ve done lately, that’s started being every other weekend.

No more!  I have expanded my collection of power tools!  Mwhahaha!

Okay, there might have been an ulterior motive.  Getting the drill meant I got to finish this project:

This is Steph’s Garden Stuff Bench.  I started building it about a week and a half ago, using the bench she’d made for the porch as a blueprint.  This one is slightly bigger and deeper. With the exception of the green fabric, the handles, and a few metal braces, the entire thing is made out of wood we’ve had left over from other projects.  The sides come from 1×4 used in framing out the porch.  The paneling is leftover from the porch ceiling.  Even the base is old cedar posts used from the fence built back in Cedar Rapids. And the drill fastened the last bits together – the handles to make lifting it easier.

Between the bench and the work we’ve done on the porch, the house is looking down right respectable.

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