The Moose Is Dead

I haven’t been dead, just on the verge.  Been sick the past week.  In keeping with the media induced hysteria, I named it the Moose Flu.  That’s because it made me sound like a moose and feel like one got loose in my house and trampled me.  My co-workers got a kick out of that and I’m pleased that my illness, suffering, and resulting delusions provide them with comedy relief.  That probably falls in the “Duties as Assigned” part of my job description.

I had no desire to do anything this week.  No writing, no running, nothing.  All I did was what I had to do – help Steph finish off the porch, prepare for a Help Desk party at the house, have the party, clean up from the party, prepare for the last week of the school year, mow the lawn.  Yeah, just the sort of relaxing stuff you should be doing while sick.

After a week, I think I’ve shaken it.  Go me.

Bullwinkle can bite my ass.