Watch This – 15 Years

It's a metaphor you see ...
It’s a metaphor you see …

Fifteen years ago on this date, Steph and I were married.

Wow. That’s a long time. I didn’t realize just how long until I sat down to write this post and realized I didn’t have anything pithy or witty to say.  

The weather that day wasn’t all that different than it is today – a little warm, some humidity, but sunny. I woke up that morning nervous as hell and didn’t calm down until the ceremony itself started. The rest has been a lot of hard work, some bad times and a lot more good times, and in general, a pretty good life.

And now for the funny and odd thing. According to a few charts out there, 15 years is Crystal and the gift idea is Watches. This information probably would have served me better if I actually thought about it in advance. But I didn’t. Which makes this next part so much the better.

As an early anniversary/birthday gift, I bought Steph a BIA Sports Watch. It’s not quite crystal but hey … funny how things work out, eh?

Spin Me Right Round, Baby
Spin Me Right Round, Baby




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