Hanging with an Author

Tuesday night, our local independent bookstore hosted a talk by New York Times bestselling author, William Kent Krueger.  Kent (as he likes to be called) is the author of the Cork O’Conner series of mysteries.  He’s also from the Twin Cities and most of his novels are set in northern Minnesota or the area around there.  The visit coincided with the release of his most recent novel, Tamarack County.

He also happens to be one of Steph’s favorite authors so as a result, I got dragged along.  I’ve not read him but he was very personable and made it an enjoyable night for the crowd.  And, based on the brief synopsis of his current work in progress, I might have to add him to my never shrinking reading pile.

In any case, Steph not only got a couple of books signed but also got to hear an explanation for why Kent performed a heinous deed that almost got her to stop reading his books.  By the end, she was (relatively) satisfied.  All in all, a good night.


The Passing of Secret 1st Draft Knowledge




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