Still Kicking

Despite best attempts by my body, I’m still alive.

The cold I caught after Chicon is still with me.  I’ve had my ups and downs but it’s been stubbornly refusing to go away.  I suspect the reason for this is because I’ve treated it with a combination of work-related stress, lack of sleep, and being exposed to college students who are similarly sick.  Sixteen days in and I’ve finally managed to take a day off of work to recover.  All in all, not the best course of action and I don’t recommend it for anyone.  But since I am still bouncing around, I figured I’d break the silence.

I am writing once again.  Not a huge amount – 500 or so words per day – but it’s progress and I feel good.  No, I haven’t heard from Angry Robot but I’m not panicking or stressing out over that.  What happens happens and I’ll go with the flow.

This past weekend was the Applefest 5K race.   I’ve blogged about this a lot in the past.  It’s a very hilly course, challenging, and one that we both really enjoy.  We figured out that we’ve run it 15 of the 17 years the race has been around so we’re old hats at it.  Because I was feeling under the weather, I opted to run with Steph and hoped that I didn’t hold her back too much.  We ran respectably and had a lot of fun so I guess that’s what counts.  And we came home with a freakin’ ton of apples which is nice because our local crop has been a dud.

While we’re on the running front, this upcoming weekend is the inaugural Trout Run Trail Half Marathon.  This was a bit of a no-brainer for us to sign up for.  The Trout Run Trail has been a big local project – a trail that encompasses the entire town and has some of the most beautiful sights around.  It runs very close to our house so we get a chance to run and bike it all the time.  It’ll be a really challenging course with 4 miles of steep hills but that’s how we like things.  Unfortunately, again, my cold is going to sabotage me.  There’s no way I’ll be in shape to run it fast (even though a PR was never in mind) but I at least want to survive it.  We’ll see how that pans out.

And lastly – 9 days.  That’s how long it’ll be until we’re at Walt Disney World.  Yes, I’m practically bouncing off the walls.  That is when I’m not hacking up a lung or something.

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