A Cure for Writer’s Block

The past couple of weeks, almost a month now, my writing has been stuttering and sputtering.  In part this is due to our house remodel but a lot of it has been lack of enthusiasm.  The blank page has been looming and every word seemed like garbage.  I’ve loathed sitting down at the computer to write.

Then this arrived in my e-mail this afternoon:

Confidential Info Removed

In layman’s terms – this is very awesome.  To the Nth degree.  It may be months down the road but a request for a full is the highest I’ve ever gotten in the publishing world.

Suddenly, that blank page doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore.

4 thoughts on “A Cure for Writer’s Block

  1. Ooh, I hadn’t realized it was Angry Robot who’d asked for it. They’re publishing some great stuff (and their writers seem to like them a lot).


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