Update From The Construction Zone

Drywall is up and Steph’s been painting like Michelangelo possessed.  My tasks have been simple – door knobs, paint roller washing, and a ton of cleaning.  The room is actually looking like a physical room once again.

This next week is looking to be a big one.  The counter tops are due to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday.  Before that can happen, the cabinets have to go in which means they’ll hook up the heat once more and we’ll be able to live in our house once again.  Not that I don’t mind staying at my in-laws for most of the past week but I think we both miss the comfort of home.

Not much else to say so here’s a few pictures.

Walls stripped bare.
Drywall up, mudded, and sanded. Steph's in the corner doing the painting while I play the role of official photographer.
At the end of Saturday with the first coat thrown on.
Looking through the kitchen and to the rest of the house.
Sunset at the farm.


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