Home Amongst The Snow

(Warning – lots of pictures in this post.)

Well, we’re back home in Iowa again.

Thankfully, the state was kind enough to meet us halfway on temperature (40 degrees vs the 80s of the past week).  Groceries have been procured to fill the empty fridge, the first of many loads of laundry begun, the dog retrieved from the in-laws, and the cat … well, let’s just say it’ll be a while until he forgives us for this latest transgression.

But despite the rough adjustment back into reality, it’s good to be home again.

The vacation was great. Very relaxing and stress free. Did a lot of reading, thought a lot about my own writing (but I didn’t write more than a few hundred words the entire week).  We got to meet a bunch of new couples, see ancient Mayan Ruins, play beach volleyball (precisely 4pm island time, right behind our cabana), and go snorkeling in some of the clearest water you’ll find outside of an Evian bottle.

The staff at Coco Plum is nothing short of phenomenal.  The kitchen was remarkably accommodating with Steph’s vegetarianism and my assorted dietary requirements.  When the bartenders discovered I didn’t drink alcohol, they took it as a challenge and came up with all sorts of interesting concoctions (my favorite? Sprite and Orange Juice – simple yet yummy).

Even departing the island was memorable.  Nothing is more fun than riding 9 miles to the mainland in a boat followed by a flight in an 11 person Cessna in the midst of a terrible thunderstorm.

Without further ado, pictures are after the break (click to embiggen any image).


The Long Pier
Cabana Kimi - Our Home
Beach volleyball with the staff and other guests. I'm the one in yellow blocking a spike.
Where most of our time was spent - reading, lounging, chatting. The island in the background is another resort - we could walk to it without a problem.
Starfish. The orange one, not the blue one.
Roasting marshmallows on the beach. Ye gods, that fire was hot.
I dunno. I just thought she looked cute.
Xunantunich - Mayan Ruins
From atop El Castillo and looking into Guatamala (the white road is the border).
Waiting for sunrise on the long pier.
Rainbow just after sunrise. I like the different colors in the water.
Sunrise over the long pier.
Looking toward the mainland.


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