The It’s Not Quite Been Two Weeks Update

Steph just pointed out that it’s been almost two weeks since I last updated my blog.

Um … oops?

I’ll blame it on the ungodly heat and humidity we’ve had lately that has caused me to melt into a puddle of goo every time I stared out a window, let alone stepped outside.  With the windows closed and multiple fans in close proximity, let’s do a recap of the uneventful but rather packed past two weeks:

Over at Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing, I reviewed Germline, the debut novel of T.C. McCarthy.  A solid, very well written story about a future war with some not-so-transparent parallels to the modern day.  Really enjoyed reading it and I think McCarthy has a strong storyline for continuing the rest of his trilogy.  At present, I’m working through the ARC for The Black God’s War by Moses Siregar.  BGW has been my reintroduction into epic fantasy and so far Moses has made it pretty easy for me.  Not sure how soon I’ll get the review knocked out (I’m really hoping this week) but so far so good.

Over on the personal novel front, I finished off editing another four chapters today.  This brings me up to Chapter 20.  Unfortunately, that’s 19 chapters short of the 39 that I wanted to complete in July.  I may have misunderestimated my editing speed.  On the positive side – when I started the editing process, Genie Memories was at 66,000 words in length.  Now it stands at 74,000 and will probably grow.  The best part is these additional words are adding to the story and fleshing it out in ways that were lacking earlier.  I am most pleased with this progress.

Lastly, the blog might change a bit tomorrow.  I plan on upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and seeking out a few new plugins to help mobile users and the like.  There might even be a theme change, provided I can find one that looks good.

So there’s that.

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