Follow Us To Grandma’s

Grandma’s Marathon, that is.

You can follow our progress as we run.  None of this creepy stalker stuff.  Seriously, don’t do that.  It freaks me the hell out.

Any who … the advance of technology has infected Marathons but in a good way.  You can now track runners via text or e-mail as they progress through the race.  It sends out messages at miles 13.1, 20, and 26.2 so you won’t get spammed.  Grandma’s even has an interactive map (not sure how that works since it’s not live yet).  Just follow the link below to sign up for either:

2011 Runner Tracking

Matt – Bib #1058 – Goal: Sub 3:38 (previous PR – 3:38)

Steph – Bib #5713 – Goal: Sub 4:00 (previous PR – 4:43*)

Of course, if you live in Duluth or are nearby, don’t follow us via technology.  Get your butt out on the course.  Cheer us (and a few thousand others) on.  Give us some water.  Give us a ride in your car from miles 10 to 20.

Okay, I’ve been told that you can’t do that last part.  But the cheering does help.

* This PR is from an injury riddled race.  Steph spent 16.2 miles swinging her leg like a club in order to finish.  Efficient for gaining sympathy, not so much for running a marathon.

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