Today’s Filler Post

I contemplated writing up a nice long post today about the relay race before realizing how burnt out I still am from the weekend.  This isn’t too surprising.  On Saturday alone, I lost about 6 pounds.

I’ve been a runner long enough to know that most of that was fluids.  Judging by the soreness of muscles, I know that I’m still not fully hydrated and I’m in no shape to be creative or think about what lessons I’ve learned.

Instead, I’m going the cop-out route and providing a few race photos.  Enjoy!

Steph showing what she'd do at the finish.

Finishing Up on Day One
Marissa - Our Team Captain (we were the Tufted Mazurkas)
Steph on the first leg of Day 2

The Tufted Mazurkas (left to right): Amanda, Greta, Marissa, Me, Andrew (running the final leg), Scott, Dean, Nichole, Steph

(We made sure every team finished with their final runner.  In our case, it was Andrew.  I met him half a mile out and ran the rest of the way until we met the team just over that dike in the background.)

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