Run Into The Ground

This was a running weekend.

Saturday morning, we ran in the 2nd Annual Jim Boughton 5K Road Race down in Dubuque.  This is a fun event with alumni coming back from all over the country and I got to see some friends I don’t see too often.  Steph asked me to pace her in an effort to get a good time.

We finished in 23:45, besting her previous best (24:49) by a full 64 seconds and earning her 2nd place in her age group.   She was excited, to say the least.

We were also told we should have gotten an award for cutest couple.  Honest, we didn’t plan the matching outfits.  We packed separately.

Toward the Finish Line

And after the race, I went out an ran 19 miles on Heritage Trail.  Because I am awesome.  Or incredibly stupid. It’s easy to get those confused when it comes to marathon training.

Sunday was Steph’s long day but we were only able to get in 15 miles before thunder and lightning chased us home.  We got back in the house minutes before a pretty vicious downpour started.  Unfortunately, the storm cell was huge and we weren’t able to get back out before having to head home to Decorah.

But hey, we had a good weekend with my folks and tomorrow looks to be a good day.  Happy Memorial Day all (and make sure you remember what the day is really about – it’s not all BBQs and parades).

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