Snow and Rejection Letters

I’ve had a few people ask me why I haven’t posted anything to the blog in the past week.   The answer is because the past week has revolved entirely around snow.

Avoiding snow.  Shoveling snow.  Walking in snow.  Shoveling snow.  Eating snow.

That last one would belong to Tucker, by the way.  In any case, it’s been snow lately and I don’t feel like blogging about that.

For actual content, I present a video I found over at the blog of literary agent, Jennifer Jackson.  She works for the Donald Maas Literary Agency, an agent and agency I’ve queried in ages past for previous novels and probably will for future ones.  One of her clients, Kameron Hurley, showed off some of the 15 years worth of rejection letters she’s gathered.  It’s worth noting that Hurley also signed at least two book deals.

That’s perseverance.  I’ve got myself a ways to go before I can start complaining I think.

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