Tucker and Snow Storm O’ Doom

A conversation with Tucker regarding the Snow Storm O’ Doom that is plowing through the Midwest.

Look Dad! Snow!

Yes, I see that.

Snow! Let's play!

So I can see.  And it’s wet so it’ll be heavy to shovel.

C'mon! Run & play with me in the snow!

Well, it’s cold so I’ll let you stay out here and you can play.

No, dude, seriously. You ain't going nowhere. You're staying out here and we're playing.

After distracting Tucker with a snowball, I did manage to get back inside the house.  I was immediately greeted by Steph who informed me that she was plotting to overthrow TimTam as Overlord of the House, having built an Army to support her efforts.

Form Ranks! And March!

I’d say she’s got a chance.

One thought on “Tucker and Snow Storm O’ Doom

  1. Snowed in, huh. Lottsa time on your hands? Maybe a little stir crazy with cabin fever? The dog I understood, but, you….need help.


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