With Great Shape, Comes Great … Something

By any and all measures, I am in great shape for being 36 years old.

For starters, I’m a runner and a fairly competitive one at that.  I can run a sub 5:30 mile, though I prefer the longer distance races such as the Birkie Trail 1/2 Marathon that Steph and I are planning on running this weekend.  I practice martial-arts and self-defense several times a week.   I haven’t driven a car to work in almost seven years – biking when possible, walking in the winter.  My diet is mostly vegetarian with a healthy dose of local, organic meats.

So, by all accounts I’m in fantastic shape.

That is, if being and staying in great shape doesn’t kill me first.

Saturday – 7 mile run : I do something to tweak my ankle.   It now takes ten or so steps before I can walk normally.  Otherwise I look like Frankenstein’s monster.  This may come in handy if it keeps up til Halloween.

Sunday – Ultimate Frisbee : While going up for a pass, I get bumped and land on my left side without any preparation or bracing.  The leg is bruised along with the IT Band.  This makes bending the leg rather painful.

Tuesday – Flag Football : Someone steps on my hand while I’m on the ground.  With cleats.  It takes two days until I can grip anything.

Thursday – Dinner : I bit through my tongue.  Yes, through.  Blood and bits all over.  To make matters worse, dinner includes salsa.

I can’t wait to see what happens at the race this Saturday.  Personally, I’m putting my money on being mauled by a bear or struck by a meteorite.

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