Dear Thief …

I will find you.

Oh yes, I will.

You may be anonymous now but that cannot last for long.  Sooner or later, I shall find out how you penetrated my defenses and once I have, look over your shoulder.  Once the hunt has begun, I am relentless.  I do not give up.

That shadow?  Was it really a shadow?  Or was it me, lying in wait?  Is the phone call coming from inside the house?  Did you really ‘just forget to close that door’?  That stranger you’ve seen while going to lunch.  Pay heed to that sense of déjà vu.

Years may pass.  The day may come when you think ‘At last!  I am free!’

That will be the day that I strike.

When you lie down on your bed, will I be beneath?  When you go out for a drive, will I be in the backseat?  Hide in a closet?  Infect a computer with a virus that erases all your data?  Will I ruin you first or make it quick?  Will it be subtle?  Will it be outlandish?

Only I know the answer to those questions.  But there is one answer you should know …

No one steals my cookie and gets away with it!

Probably not a suspect.

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