Thus Begins The Month of No Weekends

Contrary to popular rumors, I have neither died, been kidnapped by the minions of the cat, nor have I run off with a Swedish Chef.

No, this is the time of year that I like to call ‘The Month of No Weekends!’

Case in point – I worked both days this past weekend for First Year Move-In.  We’ve touched probably over 600 computers in the past week with a fairly small crew of students.  Combined with the start of school on Wednesday, I’m in extreme stress mode.  It makes living with me practically unbearable.  Sorry, Steph.

Next weekend, I’ll be gone for the Rock Island Grand Prix, followed by a very brief respite the weekend after during which I’ll be digging up all the potatoes from my garden plot (which is a substantial amount of taters and will require a pick-up truck), and finally races on each of the following weekends.

Despite this, I did manage to outline the final seven chapters of Genie Memories.  Will I finish it by the end of September?  I’m gonna say not likely.  October?  Maybe, if I push hard.  I also hope to get some work done on my short piece now that I got feed back from the geniuses that attended Viable Paradise.  If I can knock that out by the end of October, I’ll be quite happy.

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