Blades of Grass

Walt Whitman has Leaves of Grass.  Me?  I have Blades of Grass.

Today was yet another day off of work (almost got all the vacation time burned) and I set myself the goal of mowing the lawn.  It’s been getting a bit on the long side.  Of course, today was also the day that Mother Nature set the goal for it to get upwards of 93 degrees.

Clearly, she and I need to get on the same wavelength.

That said, I leave you some choice quotes on the subject :

  • Plans to mow the lawn delayed by the fact that it’s hot enough to melt the lawn mower.
    – Tweet @ 3:54pm

  • Me : Going outside to mow.  If I die of heatstroke, I just want you to know …
    Me : … you can’t have any of my stuff.
    Jon : Bastard
    – IM conversation with my brother @ 5:50pm

  • I always learn something while mowing the lawn. Today I learned we have an underground bee’s nest in the backyard. #owstingow
    Tweet @ 6:30pm

Something tells me ol’ Walt has nothing to worry about.

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