Shucking – The Double Entendre Version


That’s a lotta corn.  Sixty one ears, to be precise.  We got it from a fellow co-worker at Luther who didn’t even charge us a dime, which was nice.  We plan on freezing, canning, and eating it fresh.  So that’s a whole lot of shucking.

And a perfect segue into story time.

It’s impossible for Steph and I to get corn into the house without a little laughter.  This all stems back from an incident that occurred during one of my first summers working at Luther.  The group that was working for us was a great bunch of kids, some of my favorites, and we thought it would be a good idea to have a cook out for them.  Brats, Chips, and some fresh Corn on the Cob.  I told everyone I had leave a bit early to help Steph shuck the corn since there was so much of it.

One of my students, Matt Kinney, gave me a wry look and said “Oh, so that’s what you’re calling it these days.”

Okay, that was good for a hearty laugh.  When I went home, I told Steph the story and she thought it was pretty good, then we set about getting things ready for the cook out.  When the students showed up, we were still getting prepped.  In time, they wandered outside where all the table was setup and Steph was still working on the corn.

As soon as Steph saw Kinney she held up a cob of corn and said with a wink,

“Hey Matt!  Wanna shuck?”

The boy turned bright red while everyone roared.  He finally bowed to acknowledge Steph’s wit and we went on to have a great night.

So, Matt Kinney, this evening’s shucking is for you.  😉

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