On the Other Side of Things

One year and one day ago, I woke up and checked my e-mail.  The first thing I saw was this :

Dear Mr. Hughes,

On behalf of the staff and instructors, I’d like to welcome you as  a student to Viable Paradise, and say congratulations!

The rest was pretty much lost in my shouting of ‘Holy Shit!’, as well documented in my entry for that day.  The lessons I learned at Viable Paradise have paid off.  Of my fellow VP 13ers, at least four have been published (one with a book) and I’ve gotten handwritten rejection letters vs the previous form letters.  That’s progress for you.

June 30th was the deadline for VP.  The acceptance e-mails should be going out soon (next week or so I’d suppose).  As an alumni, I have to admit I’m waiting with some anticipation to see who the next class is going to be.  It’ll be fun to see the introductions, how they react, all while remembering how I felt at that point in time (i.e. – giddy, walking on cloud nine, ohmygodtheywillseeimahack, etc).   Being an old hat, maybe I can throw some bits of wisdom their way.

Plus I’ll get to say, “Back in my day …”

2 thoughts on “On the Other Side of Things

  1. I opened my acceptance, and I yelled Yes! in the office. It felt pretty good.

    Back in my day at VP, we all had kale in our curry…and we liked it.



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