Children of the Corn Meal

Continuing in our ever expanding line of torture devices for the modern kitchen, we introduce – The Corn Mill.


It slices, it dices, it … well, it just grinds really.  Remember the corn we shelled a couple of weeks ago?  Some of that was destined to be made into corn meal and this was the method by which we did it.

The torture comes not from the mill itself (though I’m pretty sure getting a finger stuck in there wouldn’t feel all that pleasant) but from actually grinding the corn.  It’s hard.  Damn hard.  Take your average kernel of dried corn and try to make it into a fine powder.  Not too easy.  Our tactics evolved into making multiple passes with different grades of coarseness.  That worked out pretty well. We ended up grinding more than the one cup we need.  Tackling the rest isn’t something I’m looking forward to but the end result … well, take a look for yourself.

Corn Bread, Corn Flour, Corn
Corn Bread from Corn Meal from Corn

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