My Sick Super Power

While I don’t have vestibular neuronitis  (just congestion or maybe sinus infection mixed with a bitchin’ case of vertigo), Least I Could Do describes how I feel today:

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I am testing the theory that staying prone at home rather than being at work will speed up my recovery.  I am assisted in this endevour by Nurse Tim Tam.  He’s not as helpful as you’d might think.

Nurse Cat will see you now.
Nurse Cat will see you now.

3 thoughts on “My Sick Super Power

  1. Stay home until you feel well. For at least two days. I’m serious. It sounds like you have what I have, and it can turn into quite the lingering production number if you don’t take care of yourself.

    BTW, nurses Bastet and Sekhmet are not terribly helpful.

    Iowa writers down for the count!



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