Electrifying Humor

We follow a 3-1-3 schedule Luther which, as I remember from being a student, is quite a bit of fun.  You get to spend January taking one course and extensively studying.   One of my favorite classes – Murder, Magic, and Medicine – happened over J-Term.  Same with a Creative Writing course.

The downside is that we have a very short period between the end of J-Term and the start of Spring semester.  For my department, that means a lot of work that has to happen and inevitably, we can’t get it all done in time.  So it’s been a busy week.

We got a call that a certain lab wasn’t working.  We sent a student tech over and found out there was no power.  Flipped circuit breaker or something.  This means we have to send a request to the electricians to get it fixed.  Below is the text of that message:

All the outlets are dead in Brunsdale. We tried multiple electronic devices in each outlet and no power. I asked the student worker to make sure they are dead by sticking his tongue in the outlet however I have not yet heard back from him. Will you please look into this.

Heh.  Have a nice weekend.

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