Winter showed up this week and announced its arrival by dumping 14 inches of snow which it then promptly blew around with 30 – 45 mph winds.  I can’t say I’m terribly fond of this guest’s method of arrival, but he’s here to stay.  Here at the Hughes household, we each deal with the snow in our own way.TuckerSnow

Tucker, our little Sheltie, loves the snow and wants outside every 15 minutes to prove his devotion to the snowflakes.  Knowing that this is a hassle for us, he also attempts to help us clear the driveway by eating as much as possible.  He’s a little dog and despite his best efforts, he has been unable to eat as much as he’d like.  It doesn’t stop him from trying.

Tim Tam, well, he’s a cat.  He doesn’t much care for anything, let alone the snow.  He’ll sniff our boots, maybe lick some snow, but in the end he just waits for someone to sit down and then jumps on their lap.  It’s cold out there after all and he’s willing to pitch in to provide some body warmth.

Steph decided to celebrate the snow and strongly hinted that she would love to take advantage of all this glorious whiteness with a new pair of snowshoes.  So she got her Christmas present a bit early.  She also got herself a new pair of gloves to keep her warm.  In return, she gave me a new hat to equal things out.

Myself?  I used this opportunity to go into work early every day and open up the Library.  Since everyone else in my department was snowed in, I also declared myself de facto head of LIS, issued proclamations,  and attempted an overthrow of another department within the college.  Unfortunately, my boss was able to make it in and thwarted my attempts.  Drat.

I’m looking forward to Saturday where Steph and I can test out our snow shoes and the new hat.  It is a really good hat.


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