The Story Fights Back

I’ve been writing Genie Memories for probably 18 months or so. The first chapter has gone through at least five drastically different revisions. Four of those were before attending Viable Paradise. Prior to VP, I managed to get up to Chapter 16 before scrapping everything and applying what I’d learned during that week.

To say the least, it’s not been an easy task. I keep feeling as though I take two steps forward, then another one back. The end is out there, but it just creeps along. This story, great as I think it might be, has been doing its best to push back every step of the way.

This, of course, leads to self-doubt. Self-doubt can and will eat a writer alive. At some point in our career, we all have the thought of ‘Good god, this is a horrible piece of shit’. Every writer does this. Even the Hugo award winning Neil Gaiman.

So while wallowing in self-pity, I bounced over to Absolute Write to see what people were talking about and stumbled onto this gem by Uncle Jim, aka James D. Macdonald (author and Viable Paradise instructor) :

And a story that writes itself means you’re on the right track. (The converse, a story that fights you every inch of the way, does not mean that you’re on the wrong track.)

Well – alrighty then.  Genie Memories is fighting me every step of the way, but that’s alright.  Maybe there’s some more story in there that wants out and I just can’t see it yet.  Who knows.  It’s got to be written to find out.

At least I know I’m not alone.

One thought on “The Story Fights Back

  1. You *can* do this. And I have faith in Dark Astroboy, even if you don’t.

    Also, I feel the same way sometimes about the Troll Story. The Iowa Paranoia support group should be formed. Soon.

    Good luck!



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