Still Ticking

I’m not quite dead yet … despite all efforts to change that.

August marks the beginning of the busy time of year for me.  From about now until mid-September, I’ll be running around like a well-composed chicken with his head cut off.  Anyone who believes that summer is a great time to be in the education field obviously has never worked in the education field.  A partial list of what I’ve got to get done before August 29th when students arrive:

Training Materials, Implement Print Accounting System, Coordinate major lab move, Coordinate move of Help Desk Call Center, Coordinate move and merging of Reference Desk & Walk-Up Desk, Implement Simple-Help Remote Support.

So yeah, I’m a bit busy.

Despite all this, I’ve managed to be somewhat productive. Got two chapters complete, one of which is going to need some serious revision but that’s for a later day.  I sat down and read Jumper by Steven Gould, one of the instructions at Viable Paradise.  Good book. I’ll say that even though I only watched about 10 minutes of the film on which it was based, I think the book is far better.  A lot more introspective and a lot less flashy special effects.  I picked up two other books – Elizabeth Bear’s Carnival and Laura Mixon’s Burning the Ice.  Both are instructors at Viable as well.

I’ll be reading Burning the Ice this weekend.  As for Carnival, I tried to read it.  Honestly, I really tried but I couldn’t get past 50 pages.  It was well written, had great description, but there was something about it that kept me from picking it up and finishing it.  Hopefully Elizabeth can forgive me when I meet her in two months.

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