A Good Day

Two good things happened to me today.

1. I have fulfilled a promise I made to Steph way back earlier in the year and submitted an application to the Viable Paradise Workshop.  This is considered by some to be the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writer’s Workshop.  Instructors include Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, James MacDonald, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and quite a few more.  Still have to see if I get in (only 28 students are accepted), but I’m quite happy.

2. I currently have two ‘offices’ at work.  One is located in another building on campus.  It is nice, quiet, private, and on most days, a long way away.  The other is in the Library where I spend most of my time. To have a private office within the same building would be incredible.  Today, I learned that a major project in which I played a large role was approved and my dream of having a private office in the Library will likely come true before the Spring semester begins.

It’s like my birthday, only, a day late.

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