My First Buck…

…from writing that is.

This weekend marked the first time I’ve ever been paid for writing.  It was rather low key.  No fanfare, no swelling or pride or running around holding up a magazine.  Just checked a link, saw the article was published, and said to myself ‘Well, that’s fifteen bucks in my pocket’.

How?  You know all those websites that have ‘How To’ instructions or short ‘About’ articles?  People have to write those.  Many come from sites affectionately referred to as ‘Content Mills’.  These sites provide a title or subject and find writers to produce that material.  I’m one of those writers.  Last week, I picked out a few topics (all involving computers) and cranked out four articles.  Time spent – less than 2 hours.  As of today, I’ve earned $60 from those four articles.  Not a ton, but considering the time I spent, that’s not too bad.  One of the articles I wrote while brushing my teeth.  So what does that money buy?

Half of it immediately goes into savings.  Taxes for freelance writers are pretty close to 50% so bank it and forget about it.  The remaining $30 will be spent on tickets for Steph and I to go see a movie tonight – Monsters vs Aliens in 3D.

That leaves $12 which will probably be spent buying four jugs of milk from a local diary farmer to produce more cheese, like this round of Jalapeno Cheddar we made this weekend.  That right there weighs 2 pounds, roughly $14 worth of cheese if bought in a store and it was made out of just 2 jugs of milk.  So I’m actually coming out ahead.

I admit to not learning a lot.  The articles I’ve chosen fit into my natural ‘business’ style of writing so it all flows well.  Learning how to write against a time line and managing the various style guides is a bit interesting, but nothing terrible.

So it’s been interesting.  I wont’ write a ton of stuff for this site, but c’mon, it’s hard to pass up $15 while brushing your teeth now, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “My First Buck…

  1. Hey! Great work! I don’t’ care when you wrote it! It’s a step in the direction that you want to go! We’re proud of you…….
    …………..and that cheese looks really good!


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