Time Saving Tip

It happens every year.  Thousands of people from Dubuque to New York to Austin show up for work an hour late.  Or an hour early.  Or half the people show up early, the other half show up late.  Yes, it’s Daylight Savings Time.

If you suffer from this affliction, despair no more!  A cure has been found!

Spend from 11:00 pm Saturday night until 8:00 am Sunday on the phone with Microsoft Technical Support!* 

No more will you ask the question: “Is it 7 or 8?  Do I get an extra hour of sleep?  Will the dog not realize the time has changed and scratch earlier…or later?”  It simply doesn’t matter! You’ll be so incoherent, you won’t give a hoot! It all blends together into one beautiful hallucinogenic blur! The dog will be confused and just look at you as if to say, “Dude, let me out when you want. I’m gonna go lie on the couch.”

Don’t suffer a second longer! Call now!**

* Offer not valid without a certifiable clusterf&#! of a corrupted SQL Server 2000 database and possible hard drive issue.

** Potential side effects may include not getting any sleep, driving to work at 2am, wondering if the fuzz on your face is actually an alien entity bound and determined to overwhelm your immune system, or addiction to Freecell.

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