Been A While

Been a while, hasn’t it? *checks notes*

Time to share with you all the excitement and the great adventures we’ve had since I last posted!

We got a new furnace. That was exciting. And a new dishwasher. That was less exciting.

Um … we built a garden shed behind the garage. Quite handy for storing stuff.

I fulfilled a life ambition and wrote a module for Dungeons and Dragons that I self published ( It’s made a few bucks which is nice. I have a couple of others that I’m working on so we’ll see how well those do.

Uh … oh yeah, we got yet another cat. Say hi to Millie.

Steph had seen her repeatedly at the Humane Society and described her as a quiet, calm cat that got along with everyone else. Since being introduced into our house, she has gotten along with our other cats just great. Except she’s no longer quiet and calm. She sounds like a dinosaur when she meows and she tears through the house like she’s on a mission. Overall though she’s been a nice addition to the family.

In a couple of months, we are planning on going to Mexico. Our first real vacation in nearly five years! Holy crap. I’m looking forward to just sitting in the sun and reading and relaxing. Assuming Covid plays nice and doesn’t develop yet another strain because humanity has proven that we’re a bunch of morons.

That’s about all I can think of. Hopefully I’ll stop being a dork and remember to update the blog more often than once every six months. Haha … yeah. Let’s see how that goes.

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