New Book, New Look

I’m working on a new book so I figured it was time for a new look on the blog.  Plus it’s been well over a year since the last switch and the old one was wearing on me a bit.  The only real change aside from appearance is that you can now click on the box to the left beneath the Date to add a comment.

For those who are interested in that sort of thing, the image at the top is of Hadrian’s Wall during our visit to the United Kingdom this past March.  Seeing as how I switched from writing Sci-Fi to Fantasy, it felt right.

A New Theme

There may be some changes on the page today.  I’m tinkering around with a few new themes and seeing what works best.

The previous one was called Fresh-Editorial and I was fond of it, but I couldn’t make it do a few things that I wanted for the long run.  The current new front runner is called Monochrome.  It’s simple and clean-cut, which is exactly what I like in a web page.  A downside is the text – gray on white.  I’ll probably switch that to black and see how it looks.  Suggestions or advice are always welcome.

This Won’t End Well

Raccoons with Lightsabers

Okay, maybe it’s not a light saber, but there is at least one raccoon at Devil’s Lake State Park that is armed with a Lexan knife.

We took a short trip to Devil’s Lake State Park last week.  It was not a success.  Mother Nature rained on us for the first day and a half.  That made the trails muddy and the rock too slick to climb.  Then there was the aforementioned raccoon.  He raided our campsite, ate all of our bananas, and stole the knife.  I’m sure he’s out there mugging campers as we speak.

We’re contemplating a trip out to Glacier National Park later this year, but I’m hesitant.  They have flying squirrels. Now that won’t end well at all.

The New Beginning

Thus begins the new

Over the years, I’ve toyed with a lot of things on this site – straight HTML, Frames, CSS, Java, etc. A while back, I grew tired of trying to maintain the normal page in favor of Blogspot. That worked out pretty good, but the site languished in 2005.

Today I’ve made the switch to WordPress. So far I like it. Part blog, part website. It’s incredibly simple and after seeing how others have used it, I’m hoping it’ll encourage me to keep updating on a daily basis. At some point I’ll import the old posts from, but that’ll happen later.

Expect a whole lot of changes in the next days and weeks. I’ll be playing around with the theme, widgets, and pretty much every aspect that I can find.