Blank Pages

I think it goes without saying that I have struggled mightily as of late to write. It’s not that I don’t have ideas. It’s just that when I sit down, the blank page is intimidating. Classic problem amongst writers and you’d think for as long as I’ve been doing this plus grad school, I’d be over it. But nope.

Still, I haven’t been entirely quiet on the keyboard. Let’s see …

I wrote three encounters/adventures for Dungeons and Dragons that were self-published on the DMsGuild:

Made a few bucks off off of those and they were fun. Not published was me building a world guide for my next D&D campaign which was a fun way to stretch my brain and do some world building. Sometime in the future that might see the light of day but right now, that’s just for me.

None of this compares to writing another novel though. I’ve started and stopped a few different stories since graduating from Seton Hill with my MFA. One was about an assassin who could speak with the dead and utilize their powers to accomplish his goals. I thought it had promise but I think it needs to marinate a little longer in this brain.

On the page right now in front of me though is one that has my interest (don’t they all?). It’s about a group of adventurers who made a name for themselves by defeated a Big Bad Evil Guy. As a result, they are hailed as heroes and showered with rewards. Fast forward fifteen or so years and the BBEG returns and our heroes are exposed as frauds. What comes of that is the story. I like the concept and I’ve even started putting some words on the page, albeit slowly. Here’s hoping I get more, right?