Yup – we’ve been shot. Twice actually.

A month ago Steph was able to secure us some shots in a rural town about 30 minutes south of us. Decorah wasn’t getting much in the way of shots but apparently the rural parts of Iowa were seeing an excess. Not sure if it was people not wanting to get shots or if they were getting too many or what. Either way, Steph got us in and yesterday was the second one.

And boy, has it been a doozy. We got the shots at 2:30pm and aside from some muscle soreness in the shot location, we were doing pretty good. Then came the night … I woke up at 3am with a headache, complete body aches, and chills. Steph was fine except that neither of us slept well. Our entire bodies were sensitive to the touch which made getting comfortable hard. Throughout the day, I alternated between fevers and chills, headaches, feeling like I’d run a couple of marathons, and just complete tiredness. Steph did a little better than me thankfully.

It was weird as in we’d be suffering, take a short nap or rest, and then be perfectly fine for an hour. Then get smacked again. Steph could barely focus on the computer screen (she chose to work today; I took the day off) and eventually just took a long nap. I think I took like six naps throughout the day.

It’s now 7pm and I’m feeling human. From what all my friends say, we should be on the mend now. Probably going to be sore tomorrow or tired. But hey, it’s a step towards normalcy and getting things back on track. So well worth it for now. Let’s hope we don’t have to go through this again.